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About Sírio

The System of Tourist Intelligence of Rio Grande do Norte é uma plataforma pública, com dados relacionados ao turismo potiguar. As informações são disponibilizadas por meio de dashboards interativos e dinâmicos de Business Intelligence (BI), como forma de auxiliar na tomada de decisões dos poderes públicos e privados, em prol de potencializar o turismo como uma atividade estratégica para o desenvolvimento econômico e social do Rio Grande do Norte.

Sírio is the result of a partnership between the Fecomércio RN System, with the participation of the Federation's Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies, and Senac RN, with the State Government, through the Potiguar Tourism Promotion Company (Emprotur).

Tourism Economy

Rio Grande do Norte is in the Northeast of Brazil. The state is about 53,000 square miles in area and 3.5 million people. The Gross Domestic Product is around $15 billion. With a coastline of 410 km in length, the state has sun and sea tourism as one of the pillars of its economy. It is not by chance that around 75% of Rio Grande do Norte's GDP comes from Commerce and Services.

Its beaches with beautiful landscapes and warm water are an invitation to delight. The hospitality of its people is another chapter that, added to its gastronomy, complete a rare range of attractions for tourists. Tourism activity as a whole employs around 110,000 people formally.


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